4 Things to Know About the Windshield Replacement Process

Contacts for windshield replacement snellville ga is something every car owner in the city should have on speed dial. Considering the rough roads of this city, ending up with minor or even major cracks and chips on the windshield is a common occurrence for many automobile owners. Try as you might, it’s something you cannot avoid. However, if you want to avoid something, it is delaying the process of getting any kind of damage checked out. The windshield of your car is perhaps the most important aspect of it, carrying out the major task of ensuring your safety and those who are in the car with you.

Sometimes, it is possible that you may encounter flying objects hurled at your car and it’s the windshield that protects you from the object slamming right into you. Not just that, your windshield ensures you aren’t thrown out of your car in case of any accidents. Naturally, it is extremely important for you to maintain your windshield in proper condition, never delaying calling services for windshield replacement. While the process is relatively straightforward, here are 4 important things to know about the windshield replacement process:

  • Trim and Windshield Removal: The first step in the windshield replacement process involves removing the trim that holds your windshield in place. The trim refers to the black rubber molding and is removed with the use of a razor to loosen the hold before removing the windshield. Once the trim is out, the glass comes out easily with the help of suction cups.
  • Prepping the Pinch Weld: The pinch weld refers to the small amount of gap between the windshield and the body of your car. This mainly pinches the edges of the windshield and holds it in place. Before installing a new glass, this needs to be cleaned out well as overtime, dust, dirt, etc. can collect in this space. Once cleaned out, it will allow the windshield to fit in well.
  • Urethane: Urethane is a polyurethane adhesive that acts like glue that holds your windshield. It is flexible, fast curing, extremely strong and also dries quickly so it’s important to ensure urethane is applied to the edges of the pinch weld evenly before fixing the windshield in place.
  • Installation: When the urethane is in place, your glass will be inserted into the mold with the help of suction cups and pushed in to fit properly. After ensuring that the glass is sturdy, it is held in place for several minutes until the urethane starts taking effect. Once this step is over, all that’s left is for you to wait for around an hour before you can drive off with your brand new windshield.

The windshield replacement process takes away a few hours of your day but saves you from ending up in any dangerous situations. Get your windshield replaced in the safest and most secure way with Glassfixit, a leading company that provides services for windshield replacement in San Jose. Driving is supposed to be a fun experience, get your windshield replaced and have the safest fun!