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Choosing the right place to buy all your necessary automobile accessories and parts does not need to be a hassle. You will want a reliable and high-quality option that gives you only the best parts and accessories, so you can rest assured that the items you get are perfectly in tune with your needs and your automobile’s specifications. That is why your best option is to check out AllBar Vehicle Products. Here, you will find a wide selection of high-quality UTE racks, bullbars, and UTE Trays. When it comes to top-quality aluminium ute trays brisbane, there is no better place!

Why Choose UTE Trays For Your Vehicle

The most significant benefit of having UTE trays installed on your vehicle is that they offer an increased load area. Increased load area means that you can carry more stuff on your truck or SUV. This is important because it allows you to take more things to clients or customers when you do deliveries. Moreover, it also makes it easier to pack everything you need for a family camping trip or other recreational activities.

A UTE tray also allows you to haul larger or heavier items around without having to worry about damaging the suspension of your vehicle. When you are hauling a lot of stuff, it is always a good idea to make sure your load area is as large as possible. Increased load area also helps prevent your vehicle from getting overloaded, leading to safety issues and possibly a crash.

Features Of A Top-Quality Aluminum UTE Tray

Now that you know all about why you should get UTE trays for your vehicle, let us discuss some of the other essential features of a top-quality aluminum UTE tray. First, you want the tray to be made out of solid aluminum. You will not find any plastic or other type of material used in the manufacturing of this part. The main reason for this is that plastic just does not have the strength necessary to withstand the constant punishment that comes with regular use.

On the other hand, all-aluminum construction makes this part extremely strong and durable. It is able to withstand the harsh environment that comes with using your vehicle on a daily basis for long periods of time. In addition to that, it also has an attractive powder coat finish that lasts for years without any type of maintenance.

This allows you to get excellent-looking UTE trays for your vehicle that will still be in perfect condition when you are 5 or 10 years down the road. A heavy-duty locking mechanism is another feature you definitely want to look for in a top-quality aluminum UTE tray.

This prevents anyone from accidentally removing the tray from the hitch of your vehicle. This also prevents your load from shifting around during transport which could lead to damage. Locking mechanisms come in different forms. Some of them are as simple as a keyed clamp, while others are much more sophisticated.

When searching for a suitable UTE tray, look into choices that have a wide-load opening. This allows you to use the tray with almost any sized or shaped object you might need to transport. Some of the trays we have seen have a maximum load capacity of only 90 pounds, while others can handle up to 300 pounds. Make sure you check out all the other features of a suitable aluminum UTE tray before making your final decision.