How To Replace A Lost MOT Certificate?

MOT certificate

Replacing a misplaced MOT certificate is now simpler than before. Even though you no longer require a paper copy, you can print a duplicate certificate for free by entering your registration number and the V5C’s 11-digit number into the official government service. As an alternative, you can ask to have it done for you at any MOT center in UK. It could cost as much as £10.

How does a garage record a MOT test result?

A MOT center will either provide you with a VT20 form, or a VT30 form, which is a “Refusal of an MOT certificate,” after the test is finished. A VT20 form certifies that your vehicle is legal to drive for the upcoming year, even though it may contain some warnings or small flaws. In the event that you receive a VT30, your vehicle has failed the MOT. This indicates that before you can drive the vehicle again, repairs are needed. Your score will also be recorded by the tester on an internet-based platform. Immediately after the results are entered into the testing service, they are always accessible online. This implies that you can obtain a duplicate MOT certificate and the history of your car’s MOT online.

Why is my MOT not showing online?

The MOT result hasn’t been uploaded to the central DVSA database by the tester if you are unable to view it online. A technical issue or internet issue is probably to blame if you have taken your car back and it has a valid certificate. Logging the result is necessary to generate the certificate. Test centers can continue to enter MOT results offline, and once the issue is resolved, the system will update them automatically. Additionally, since the MOT history checker updates more frequently than its MOT status checker, you might want to check it instead. Get in touch with the test center if you are concerned because you are still unable to view your MOT result online. They may be able to identify the issue and provide you with a solution. Ask the seller why a valid MOT isn’t showing up online if you’re planning to buy a car, and if you’re not happy with their response, simply reject the deal.

How to request a duplicate certificate online?

If your certificate is misplaced or destroyed, you can request a duplicate. All you have to know is V5C (vehicle logbook)’s 11 digit number and the registration number of your car. Go to the Government’s ‘Replace a lost or damaged MOT certificate’ page and enter your registration number to retrieve a misplaced MOT certificate. After that, you will be able to view the complete history of MOTs for your car and choose to view any MOT certificates that were issued after May 20, 2018. You’ll need to enter your 11-digit number in order to do this. You can view, save, and print the PDF of your MOT certificate using the Government’s service. It is accessible without requiring you to register or log in, and it will be available around-the-clock, all through the year.