Remanufactured engines: what they are and when to choose them

Your car has already driven 100 or 150 thousand km, or maybe even more. The interior is like new, because you have always taken great care of it; the bodywork is flawless, especially considering that the vehicle has about ten years of life. Chassis and shock absorbers are in very good condition.

The problem is with the engine, it has failed or is starting to fail too often and oil and fuel consumption are increasing. But you rightly don’t want to sell your car and buy a new one: you are fond of the car, it is still in excellent condition and scrapping or selling it would be a real shame engine reconditioning melbourne .

And then the main argument against the replacement of the car is the economic one: at this precise moment buying a replacement vehicle, even if it is used, is not within your possibilities.

Two alternatives are therefore posed: the first is to disassemble the motor to replace it with a new one; the second, perhaps at the suggestion of your mechanic, is that of a remanufactured engine .

The remanufacturing market

The first option was not recommended to you: more expensive and with engine delivery times that are really too long. The second, that of regeneration, on the other hand, would seem to be much faster and cheaper .

The market for remanufactured engines experienced a certain fortune until at least twenty years ago, but, following the (relative) lowering of car costs and all the promotions offered by dealers, it went into crisis. Now, however, thanks to some concomitant factors, it seems that it has started up again.

In particular, it seems that the regeneration of engines has benefited at the same time from a more favorable economic contingency (in a period of crisis, motorists try to spend as little as possible and save on the purchase of the car, when possible) and from a engine regeneration process engineering , which reduces costs and increases efficiency.

What is meant by a remanufactured engine

But what is it about?

Regenerating an engine means bringing it to new life.

First, the engine is disassembled from the car and disassembled in all its components. The single piece is then checked and, using modern machinery, thoroughly washed and polished , to be finally reassembled. And this operation is also carried out on the monobloc and on all external components.

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