Stair-Climbing Wheelchair: A High-Tech Revolution

In recent years, there have been wheelchairs that can climb stairs. These latest generation armchairs ensure total autonomy and freedom of movement, whatever the nature of the terrain. As soon as an obstacle is detected, tracks deploy to allow the wheelchair to move forward, like an all-terrain vehicle. Search for wheelchair van service repair

The Lifting Chair: An Option To Study

This is a classic stairlift chair, but the rail is attached to the ceiling rather than the bottom of the steps. There are two types of lift chairs:

  • With integrated seat
  • With wheelchair harness

Thanks to this type of equipment, movements are no longer limited to walls. The guide rail can be installed to join a bed, for example, in the middle of a room. The ground remains clear. For this type of equipment in your home, ask for a quote from mobility professionals.

Wheelchair Lift: A Platform Instead Of The Seat

Do stairs distribute your home? Whether your staircase is straight or curved, inside and outside your home, you can have a wheelchair lift installed.  Its basic principle is the same as that of a classic stairlift. In place of the seat, there is a tray on which a person in a wheelchair can be seated.

There are two main types of PMR lifts, whether for individuals, ERP, etc.:

  • The stair-climbing platform: along your stairs is fixed a rail, along which a platform moves. The person in a wheelchair sits on this platform, which controls the lift to go up or down.
  • The lifting platform: this type of lift moves vertically, between the ground and the landings. It can help to climb a few steps or several floors. Its installation sometimes requires work.

To optimize space, most platforms fold upon themselves.

To choose a type of elevator, it will be necessary to consider the premises’ configuration. Expert advice and quote comparison will help you make up your mind.

To ensure user safety, these PMR lifts are all equipped with:

  • An access ramp: it folds and unfolds to accommodate the wheelchair on the platform and help it descend smoothly and without risk
  • Doors or barriers: they close for the journey and open when stopped
  • An emergency stop button
  • Obstacle detectors