Many motorcycle riders have tried out the new SW-Motech KTM 970 Adventure Engine Guard. This motorcycleengine guard provides robust protection for the engine and plastic tank of the KTM 790 Adventure. It is a 4 mm thick aluminium sheet of high-quality aluminium alloy, protecting the engine from stone chipping and ground contact, offering more safety for riders and a customized look to their vehicle.

However, many still have different questions about its features. First, people ask why the SW-Motech790 Adv engine guard is so big. The engine guard is big because it is engineered to protect the critical and expensive parts of the bike. Compared to other engine guards that protect the lower part of the engine, the SW-Motech 790 Adv engine guard also protects the fuel tank, the header pipe of the exhaust, and the catalytic converter.

Second, others also ask about how heavy the engine guard is.The SW-Motech 790 Adv engine guard weighs about 4.4 kg with a heavy-duty sub-frame and mounting hardware which brings the overall weight of the engine guard to about 8 kg. But the weight is only a small price to pay compared to the protection it can provide.

Third, others ask if the engine guard mounts directly to the engine. The answer to that question is no. It uses a series of mounting brackets which transfer impacts indirectly to 8 different mounting points on the engine and 4 points on the existing front support rail. With this, it can significantly reduce the impact of damage to the lower part of the bike.

For riders who want more protection for their motorcycles on or off the road, purchasing SW-Motech Skid Plate can prevent significant damage from stone chips and collisions. It is because it offers protection for the bike’s underside from flying debris and absorbs impact from roots and rocks. 

Furthermore, they are attached to the original frame mounting points and take about 1.5 hours to install. If motorcycle owners prefer a mechanic to install an engine guard, it can take less time.

Read this infographic from Motorrad Garage to learn more about the SW-Motech790 Adventure Engine Guard. You can also visit their website for more information.