The future of the Indian two-wheeler Industry: What paves way for a better market?

India plays the role of largest motorcycle producer and user in the World which has a huge impact on the market. Technically a small problem in the Indian two-wheeler industry will create problems for the global motorcycle market. We are known for the love we have over two-wheeler than cars and over the timeline of decades, it has increased more and more. Not many are aware of the competition between two-wheeler brands that are creating an impact globally. 

Beneath the pandemic times though there was a small downfall in the two-wheeler market yet it stabilized and started to reach its normal terms later. That is how the market works all the time.

Reasonable competition:

As we referred to earlier as the usage and market for two-wheelers is huge which makes way for reasonable competition. From well-known international brands to Indian companies compete for the position of best 2 wheeler in India every year with their new launch. However, it’s not an easy task to please a country with a 1.38 billion population leading more way to heavier competition. To reach 1st place every company must do 10 times better than they do in other countries to strive the competition.

Understanding innovation:

Innovation is something that keeps running through in the people who work in the automobile sector. Every new scooter and bike launched here has been through severe tests and procedures because they have to withstand different roads our country comprises. Think about it we have plains, hill stations, tough and terrain roads people live in you can’t expect them to ride a cruiser or sports bike for a regular commute. Bringing up the idea to fit people and roads of all sides of every corner of the country makes the brand closer to people.


Salaried persons compile the major part of the population making them being budget-oriented in every decision they make. This is one of the main reasons that makes two-wheelers a preferable option to cars for regular use. Though being the main center for the global market the bikes are meant to give economic friendly values like mileage and many more features. As a regular user a middle-class person whether they use a 150 cc bike or scooty 110 cc they take in their bikes for investment in life. If the features and price are felt valid they take in else the model becomes pretty much unnoticed. 

More than 10 companies compete every year with their new launch and their main target customers are middle-class people. This is the reason economy paves way for the future of the Indian two-wheeler market.

Love and trust:

Beyond every technical reason the love people have for two-wheelers and the trust they keep in the brands adds up value to it. Younger generation people who love to be carefree and fun-oriented think that bikes are their right choice for the commute. Even if you can afford a car many prefer bikes because of the comfort and feel they get while riding.