Things to know about Hyundai’s Evolve+ Program

One of the most talked about things in the automotive industry recently is the launch of Hyundai’s Evolve+ Program. It makes people opt to forget about traditional rental aspects and choose this subscription-based modern system. Several benefits are observed when comparing Enterprise Rent-A-Car vs Evolve+; this is why more people are choosing this Hyundai program. Hence, know about this program in detail below.

What is Evolve+ Program?

This new service from Hyundai is announced to make more people interested in EVs than gas-powered vehicles. People can easily subscribe to this program and reach a dealership to pick up and drive off with their new vehicles. No additional paperwork is required or there is no commitment involved as people can return the car and stop the subscription after a month if they don’t like it.

In the Evolve+ Program, people need to simply do everything with the help of an app. After downloading it, people need to create a profile and offer details such as a driving license, payment terms, etc. After setting it up and payment, they can simply reach a Hyundai dealer and drive off with their choice of an electric vehicle.

This program was introduced to get more people interested in EVs and it seems to work as numerous people have started using this subscription system. Moreover, the subscription plan includes the vehicle along with its insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, and more. Therefore, it can be said that Evolve+ cost savings aspect will help one to spend less when opting for rentals.

Furthermore, this program will allow people to test out an EVs potential, limits, and perks of owning electric vehicles.

How to opt for Evolve+ Program?

The entire process of renting a car through Evolve+ is efficient for all. More people find it easier to opt for a rental through this program than other rental choices. As long as people follow the steps mentioned here, it is going to be a smooth experience. The steps include:

  • The first step is to download Evolve+ application on one’s phone through PlayStore or App Store depending on whether an individual uses iPhone or Android device.
  • Secondly, a person will have to choose a potential rental vehicle by stating their zip code and price point. Depending on this data people will receive search results of available inventory and options to choose from.
  • Once the vehicle is chosen, people will need to create a new account or log into an existing one. Upon logging in, people will be asked to add and verify a few pieces of information to ensure they qualify.
  • After verification, people can pay for the plan and visit a showroom to pick up their selected EV.

No additional paperwork is required. Hence, the entire process is seamless and makes people want to be a subscriber to this program.

These are a few things that you need to know about Hyundai’s Evolve+ Program. So, hurry and download this app to choose your preferred EV before it goes out of the inventory. Try it and if you don’t like it, then can stop as there is no lifetime commitment needed for it!