What is CARS24 Seller Protection Policy?

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Have you heard of a policy that protects the sellers even after the sale is done? 

Well, CARS24 has a policy referred to as Seller Protection Policy, which protects the customers who sell their cars on the platform.

Everything About CARS24 Seller Protection Policy:

The CARS24 Seller Protection Policy is nothing but a shield to the sellers. We all are aware of the RC transfer process and time and effort that it takes for it to be done. Therefore, this program is designed to protect the sellers against any post-sale issues until the RC is registered in the name of the new owner.

It comes with threefold benefits of all-round assistance and information at every step, legal support, and financial coverage in case of a worst-case scenario involving the car. 

Here, one question that might come to your mind at this point is – “Does this also mean it is an insurance policy for the buyers?” 

Sorry, but this policy is not an alternative to insurance or anything similar to that kind. Buyers must get the insurance done in their name once they pick the vehicle from the CARS24 dealer.

Coverage of the CARS24 Seller Protection Policy:

This policy protects you against any mishaps, traffic violations, etc., that might occur. If needed, CARS24 will also provide you with a lawyer at their own expense to represent you before any judicial / quasi-judicial / law enforcement agencies.

How to Avail the Benefits of the CARS24 Seller Protection Policy?

The Seller Protection Policy is applied automatically when you sell your vehicle through CARS24 or opt for the RC Transfer facility from the platform. It begins on the date when the vehicle is delivered to CARS24 or when the RC Transfer Facility Form is signed and ends when the RC is transferred to the new owner. There is no premium included to avail this service.

CARS24 and Its Advantages:

CARS24 is an online marketplace for used cars and bikes at a fair price. The platform offers a hassle-free experience to purchase and sell a pre-owned car in just one visit. Online evaluation tools are put in place to conduct inspections and assess the state of the vehicle. A proprietary bidding system ensures that the consumers get the greatest deal on their used car.

  • CARS24 provides a technology-enabled catalogue and transparent pricing.
  • It allows you to sell your vehicle in just 1 hour directly from your house or at CARS24.
  • It offers a 6-month free warranty.
  • It provides instant payment to your bank account.
  • It provides free RC transfer services.
  • Cars that are put on sale at CARS24 go through a 140-points inspection.
  • CARS24 fully owns and refurbishes cars before putting them up for sale.

Steps to Sell Your Car Through CARS24:

  • Enter the details of your car to get an estimated selling price.
  • Book an appointment at your nearest CARS24 branch or home for vehicle inspection.
  • Get paid instantly with the best price through the CARS24 online auction.

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