Top 5 FAQs of Armored Vehicles for Civilians

Owning an armed or armored vehicles have many perks attached to it. You can go anyplace anytime with no fear and stress of being stalked or attacked. The main purpose of the armored vehicle is to offer protection in unsafe situations. These are worth one-time investment as you don’t have to regularly pay the security staff for traveling with you.

People have shown some concerns and queries of armoring vehicles. You have landed the right page if you are looking for similar details. We shall discuss the most common FAQs to clear your doubts and concerns regarding armored vehicles especially the Troy Armoring civilian armored vehicles.

Top 5 FAQs of Armored Vehicles for Civilians:

  • Who all can opt for armored vehicle?

If you are representing a position that is sensitive or puts you at risks of mobbing, theft, murder, kidnapping, or terrorism, you can get your vehicle armored and seek protection. A few professions to mention are scientists, celebrities, politicians, top or rich business professionals, banks, and similar VIPs…

  • Is custom armoring available?

Yes, you can ask your manufacturer to protect the desired body or part of your vehicle. For instance, some people go for dark glass screens, bulletproof glasses, flat tires to prevent punctures, and more… You can choose the appropriate level as per your requirement and desired level of security.

  • Is there a difference between driving an armored automobile and a regular vehicle?

Not much; however you need to understand the minimal differences between these. In fact, driving armored vehicles add peace of mind as these add value and safety to your life. In simple words, there are no major differences in driving both the vehicles. 

  • Can I armor any car?

Yes, you can armor any car. It is a misconception that armoring can be done only on heavy and luxury vehicles. Although the design of these vehicles makes armoring simpler, it doesn’t mean you cannot armor your vehicle. Check with your manufacturer to get the best guidance on your specific requirements.

  • Are pre-armored vehicles available?

Yes, there are many affordable options in pre-armored vehicles. These are usually pre-owned armored vehicles that can save you a lot of money over a new vehicle deal. Armored vehicles reduce your risks of theft, kidnapping, and damage.

If you have any further concerns or queries, you can reach your nearest armored vehicle dealer or connect with the manufacturer online.