Reasons for a Check Engine Light to Come on

In case there is any issue with the transmission or engine, the internal computer of the car identifies the problem and turns on the check engine light on the dashboard. From the engine speed to the timing of ignition, everything is monitored by the internal computer.

Not paying attention to the problem can lead to long-term damages, and you have to end up bearing costly repair expenses.

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Circumstances under which the check engine light might be on

Here are the following reasons why the check engine light of your car might be on:

  • Overheating

There can be issues if you have not changed your engine coolant for a long time. The engine thermostat can get damaged and it can cause overheating. In such cases, the check engine light turns on. Upon seeing it, you should stop driving.

  • Ignition system issues

Even if there are issues like bad spark plug wires, worn-out ignition coil, etc., you will see the check engine light on. A faulty spark plug will not allow the engine to start. Even your engine can shut off all of a sudden. If this issue is not resolved, there can be an engine misfire.

  • Faulty modules and sensors

Different sensors are used in the engine control unit (ECU). In case the oxygen sensor wiring gets loose, or the mass airflow sensor gets clogged up, the check engine light will turn on. The engine will start burning more fuel if there is a faulty oxygen sensor and that is the time when the oxygen sensor will notify the ECU and the check engine light will start blinking.

  • Transmission problems

Any transmission discrepancy will also trigger the check engine light. The engine power gets manipulated by the transmission of the car.  A transmission issue will result in poor fuel efficiency. In case you encounter such issues, take your car for a CEL diagnosis center.

  • Faulty gas cap and catalytic converter

In addition, If there is a faulty or loose gas cap, it can result in fuel evaporation. This in turn hampers the vehicle’s overall efficiency and mileage. Such issues will trigger the check engine light.

Even a faulty catalytic converter will hinder the performance and reduce fuel economy and you can see the check engine light on. Such an issue will stop you from passing the emissions test as well.

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Check engine light, also known as the malfunction indicator light will either blink or remain constant depending on the above-mentioned problem. Understanding the function of this indicator is important for all vehicle owners. It is designed to notify the drivers about any serious issues that can crop up and hinder the normal functioning of the vehicle.