The science and need for calibrating your truck scales

Truck scales are known for their accurate weighing capabilities, however after being used over and over again, even the highest quality scale will give a less accurate reading. A lot of heavy weighing can, overtime, lead to some normal wear and tear which can impact the accuracy of the scale. This is why you should always make sure that your truck’s scales are calibrated.

Calibration is the process of inspecting and testing the accuracy of scales and fixing them, if required. The only goal of calibrating scales is to prevent loss due to inaccurate weighing. Scale owners know that their scale is used for buying and selling products based on weight, so even a minor inaccurate reading can lead to a huge loss.

Do you need to calibrate your truck scale?

When you initially install your truck scale, it’s essential to do on-site calibration. While the new scale does come with proper calibration, the elevation of your location can differ from the factory location which can result in inaccurate weighing.

However, one calibration is never enough, you will need to calibrate your scale periodically for consistent accurate weighing.

The fastest way to lose money is using calibration costs as an excuse to not calibrate. The cost of calibrating scales is often less than the potential losses of an inaccurate scale.

How to know if your scale needs to be calibrated?

There may be few signs which can indicate that your scale needs calibration. Some of them are:

  •   The scales were hit or damaged.
  •   Tremendous amounts of mud or debris build up are around your scale.
  •   Users are complaining about their scale results or usage.
  •   Scale won’t go to zero or it’s still showing the weight even after the load has been removed.

Sometimes experienced operators can have a general feeling that something is wrong with the scale. That’s when it is time to call your local scale service company to have them come and check the scale, to ensure it is calibrated or calibrated if needed.

How frequently should the scales be calibrated?

This is one of the most common questions when it comes to calibrating truck scales. There are several

components that go into making this decision. These can include:

  •   How many trucks are you weighing in a day/month/year?
  •   What is your product worth?
  •   How much does accuracy impact your loss/profits?

Generally, if you use your scale frequently, you will experience wear and tear a lot faster. There will be some scale owners who calibrate their scales once a month. while some calibrate once a year.

The best solution is to ask the manufacturer and conduct calibration as per their recommendations. There is absolutely nothing more important than ensuring proper weighing in a periodic routine calibration plan with a reputable calibration service company.

The best way to get the calibration done properly is to ask your service provider for a service agreement which are typically non-binding agreements that specify the month your scale will be inspected.

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