Ways to improve the security of your automatic gates

With rapid advancements in automatic gate systems, you can improve the security and functionality of your automatic gates. Here is a look at some features that can take your gate’s security a notch up.

  • Video camera surveillance

Surveillance or security cameras can take your home’s security level a notch up. With the presence of a camera in an appropriate place, you’ll be allowed to monitor all the activities taking place around your home. Homeowners can customize the exceptional automatic gates available in the market to install security cameras for monitoring their property 24/7. CCTV or similar security systems are meant to detect intruders. As per research, properties without surveillance cameras can easily fall prey to burglary or theft. With the presence of these video cameras, you can prevent intruders from entering your property while getting access to real-time footage.

  • Warning systems and alarms

Automated gates come with encrypted unlock and a local system for better security. Unlike manual gates, burglars can’t get through these complex lock mechanisms easily. Although these gates come with advanced protection, you must choose an alarm system. Alarm systems can warn you instantly in case of a forceful entry. Nowadays, burglars are equipped with an advanced tool to manipulate the lock systems of automated gates. So, if your gate doesn’t have an alarm system, the intruders can feel the occupants won’t notice the intrusion. The task of frightening the burglars is easy. You need to install a loud alarm system along with LED flashing lights.

You can choose a discreet alarm system that will notify your security system in case of a forceful entry attempt. Having a warning beacon installed on the automatic gate system can keep intruders at bay.

  • Remote access

To leverage the advantages of electric gates in Sydney, you can opt for remotely accessible technology. With the presence of automated home systems, you can enjoy higher levels of security coupled with convenience. You’ll no longer have to push, lift or pull your gate manually. Conventional automated door systems will force the homeowner to operate a fixed lock system. Such lock systems will expose you to safety threats during the night as you’ll have to abandon your car to operate the gate’s panel. Remote access brings more comfort to the table as you can operate the automatic gates in Sydney from the comfort of your couch or car. You won’t have to come out to open or close your gates. A remote accessibility feature on a smartphone can enhance safety as you can monitor your property remotely.

  • Advanced lock system

If you’re a user of multiple properties, a seamlessly operational gate system is important as you won’t have to compromise with the security. Unlike the traditional lock mechanisms exposed to security threats and forceful manipulation, an advanced electronic lock system is equipped with all kinds of safety algorithms. You can select a key card reader to boost your automatic gates’ security to ensure seamless entry while complying with high safety standards. Card readers or keypad locks are gaining popularity rapidly as they ensure only people with accessibility can enter your property.