What are the very basic things that you need to know about the motorcycle license in UAE?

The cars are not only the popular vehicles in the UAE and if the individuals’ ex-pats are residing in the Emirates, then they also need to be very much clear about owning a motorbike. Several people love to ride bikes and for this purpose, they need to comply with the basic requirements of the motorcycle license Dubai.

At the time of applying for the motorcycle license, it is very much important for people to meet all the requirements and for this purpose they also need to have access to the road traffic accident or handbook of the basic rules and regulations written by the authorities. The very first requirement is to read this particular handbook and have at least 17 years of age. The next requirement will be to register as a beginner in this particular case and if the individual is not having a bike license, then this will be a minimum of 15 hours. For all the individuals who are having the existing motorcycle license from the home country, they need to apply for a separate UAE motorcycle license with a minimum of eight hours. To apply for this people to have access to a secure affidavit that will be processing that individuals have a valid motorcycle license from the consulate of Dubai.

People also need to complete the documents required for the application and after meeting all the basic requirements next time will be to secure the documents required and these are:

  • Original and the photocopy of the Emirates ID
  • Two passport size photographs
  • No objection certificate from the sponsor and people also need to get it stamped and signed
  • Photocopy of the residence visa
  • Result of the eyes test
  • Photocopy of the motorcycle license from the home country if applicable

When individuals will be having all the documents required then they can go with the option of enrolling themselves into the driving school which they prefer so that they can register for the application. Then they will be given a chance to open the file in the school and then attending the theory lecture for at least eight hours is important. It will be passed by a theory test before people lead to proceed to the practical lessons. After attending the practical lesson there will be an assessment to be conducted by the driving school which they need to pass it as well. Both of these exams will be covering the very basic driving rules like balancing the bike, following traffic signs, driving with load and load rules, risk management, discipline and the lane and several other kinds of related aspects. 

After the practical assessment, people need to enrol for the test that will be conducted by the RTA and once people will be passing this exam, they will be having access to a motorcycle license. RTA will be determining the place where people will be taking the exam and if the individuals fail five times, then they need to retake the classes or enrol for the test again in the whole process.

There is no fixed amount which people need to pay here because it will be perfectly depending on the type of driving school in which people go to. Hence, apart from the very basic fees of the driving school, it is also important for people to pay approximately 1500 AED to open the file, permit the test, insurance, knowledge and innovation. Hence, at the time of applying for the motorbike driving license in Dubai, people need to depend on the driving centre in Dubai so that everything will be carried out with a high level of efficiency and people can enjoy the multiple benefits of owning a motorbike very easily.

Wayne Blanchard
the authorWayne Blanchard