3 Best Brake Kits that You Can Replace Your Old Braking Parts With

No matter how expensive your car is and no matter how much or how little you use it, if the brakes aren’t powerful, the vehicle can never be safe. Brake parts play a very important role when it comes to the overall longevity of a vehicle as well. It is some such high quality performance brakes that we are going to discuss in this guide. But first let us have a look at some signs that indicate that it’s time that you replace the old braking parts of your car already. 

  • When the car doesn’t come to a smooth soft anymore. 
  • When you feel vibrations and jerking movement whenever you drive the car. 
  • When constant engine heating happens. 
  • When the car doesn’t stop immediately after  the brakes are applied. 
  • When the brakes are accompanied by a loud screeching noise and the car always drifts to one side as soon as the brake pedals are pushed. 

Now the 3 brake kits that you can buy for optimal performance. 

  1. Black XD Brake Kit

The rotors and brake pads in this brake kit are quality benchmarks that provide utmost safety to heavy muscle cars. Some of the features that are worth discussing have been listed in the pointers below. 

  • The shims are entirely made of stainless steel and the stainless steel is of premium quality that makes it completely corrosion proof. 
  • The shims are also excellent at dissipating heat.
  • The rotors are especially electroplated so that they remain rust free and offer perfect cooling. 
  1. Black Kote Brake Kit

This is another exceptional quality braking kit by DBC. It offers high performance due to the following features. 

  • It is provided with many vanes to offer proper heat dissipation to avoid thermal cracking. 
  • The Electrophoretic rotors are excellent against corrosion. 
  1. G3000 Brake Kit

This brake kit offers best performance when installed in everyday cars. The most amazing features that make this kit one of the best in Canada are as follows. 

  • They minimize pedal pulsation in order to provide noise free braking. 
  • The rotor is double disced and it offers a perfect balance. 
  • It is very easy to install this kit. 
  • The brake pads are semi-metallic. This design ensures proper heat dissipation. 

To sum up, in order to make sure that your vehicle has a long life and a safe run, you need to make sure that the brakes are in a proper shape always.