Complete 2290 Form E-Filing Solution

Truckers who own a highway vehicle  weighing 55,000 pounds or more need to report HUVT form 2290 annually to the IRS and pay the Heavy Vehicle Use Tax. In other words, somebody who registers highway motor trucks with a taxable gross weight of 55,000 pounds or more, should file form 2290 return and pay HVUT tax. You must e-file your truck form 2290 if you’re filing for 25 or more vehicles. Many service providers, including the IRS, encourage people to e-file form 2290 If you wish to file the HVUT form 2290 and wish quick processing of your income tax return, then the…” with “ because of it’s quick processing time and ease of filing.”

Quick e-filing –

The IRS has made e-filing mandatory for those who file 2290 forms for 25 or more vehicles. There are many IRS approved e-filing service providers in the market offering a broad range of services at special rates. Those who e-file their 2290 HVUT return will receive their IRS watermarked schedule 1 instantly, which is not the case for manual filers. For fast processing, always ensure that you provide the correct information and cross-check the details before submission to avoid form rejection.

Hundreds of service providers to choose from

There are a number of e-filing service providers that make it easier for truckers, owner-operators and trucking businesses to e-file their form 2290 at a reasonable price. Taxpayers can e-file their return themselves or rely on a tax professional to do it for them. e-Filing platforms make the filing process easier and feature robust customer support assistance for easy form filing.

Filing Form 2290 through Paper & E-filing –

There are two ways to file form 2290. e-Filing is the best and the fastest way to file HVUT returns. This method allows the user to receive their IRS watermarked schedule 1 within minutes after filing.

The second method is manual filing. You will need to download form 2290, print it, fill it and mail it to the IRS. Paper works are processed manually by the IRS. Therefore tax payers will need to wait at least 3 weeks to receive their IRS stamped Schedule 1.

If a form gets rejected, it is easier to file an amended return online. Whereas manual filers will have to start over and file a new form from scratch which can be time-consuming.

e-Filing is easier –

e-Filing helps taxpayers avoid multiple filing. For instance, if a taxpayer who has already filed his 2290 return attempts to file another return with the same details, the submission will be rejected. Additionally, taxpayers can update misquoted VIN easily through the e-filing platform.