How Are the Dealership Authorized Service Centers Different from Private Garages?

We all know the fact that in parallel to the car selling industry runs the auto servicing and repair industry which is no less than the former one. But what is still more interesting in the latter one, is the way this industry runs all around the world. It is seen that the auto servicing industry is broadly divided into two halves. One belongs to the car selling industry that simultaneously run a servicing and repair center to serve their customers better. The rest is run by the private business holders who establish auto servicing centers, based on a range of services they can handle, explained a mechanic who serves at the Medford Hyundai service center.

The Difference

There is a huge difference between the dealership authorized auto service centers and private garages. While the former type is bound to include every kind of services that is related to maintaining a vehicle, the latter concentrates mainly on the gamut of services, like auto repair and auto body repair.  On the other hand, at any dealership run service center, you can get all kinds of services done under the same roof, without having to bother for anything. So, if you take your car to any private garage, it must be selected on the basis of the kind of service you want to get done for your car. If you want to get things repaired that are related only to the physical components of the car, you need to visit an auto body shop. On the other hand, if there is any trouble with any of the mechanical parts of your car that is directly or indirectly related to the movement of the car, you need to take it to the auto repair shop.

Here one must remember that in neither of these above mentioned kind of private garages, you will be entertained for the other kind of services. Rather it can also happen that even being a an auto repair center or in spite of being an auto body shop, not all of them can include every kind of service, that falls under their own category.

Why the Difference

If you wonder why there is such difference between the dealership authorized service centers and the private garage, then the answer will most probably be the difference in approach towards the subject. The dealership authorized service centers are bound to have the right infrastructure, right skill set and the materials to bring their own products back into shape. They are committed towards their customers to provide them with everything that is required to keep their vehicles up and running. For this they even appoint specialized mechanics who are specifically trained to handle the products of the said brand, so that there is no scope left for any human inefficiency or error.  Take the example of the Hyundai service near Medford; they will always address issues with Hyundai products. So they have to include both the services, including the body and the mechanisms of any Hyundai car.

On the other hand, the private garages can only offer general services to every kind of car, though in some shops you might find them specializing on a bunch of brands, but never a single one.