What are the Specifications of 2021 Chevrolet Traverse?

Traverse is another quite popular vehicle from Chevrolet in the SUV category. It has impressive specs that make people want to buy this vehicle. Strong performance, efficient V6 powertrain, spacious cabin, etc. is what Traverse offers. In short, it is one of the best family haulers that people can purchase when in Wilkesboro Chevrolet dealer.

So, take a look at the trim specifications which will help in comparing it with other SUVs and realizing that it is the best option for you.

Efficient V6 powertrain

The V6 engine along with auto nine-speed is one of the most efficient engines that you will come across in the SUV division. This 3.6 liter engine is one of the quickest in acceleration and can haul this vehicle from one point to another without any dilemma.

Another aspect, which people realize when taking a test ride or when driving after buying it, is the quietness of cabin. Through tachometer of this car one realizes that this vehicle is still running due to the amount of quietness the cabin provides. Also, seamless auto stop and start option when compared with other cars in this segment.

Handling is swift and athletic, that makes the driver doesn’t feel like driving a large car. Besides, it comes with perfect balance between riding comfort of people and agility on road. Also, it gives a mileage of 18 mpg (city) and 27 mpg (highway) according to EPA estimates. All these stats show that overall, as mentioned in the headline, it is one of the most efficient powertrain among SUVs.

Comfy cabin and cargo room

SUVs are built with the perception that it will have a comfortable interior that would make any ride pleasant for people. With excellent seats and spacious cabin there is no room for discomfort when sitting in a Traverse.

8 passengers can easily fit inside along with ample of space left for carry-ons. Behind third-row people can place 6 carry-ons easily which is better than any other in this segment. With seats folded the amount of cargo it can fit is mind-blowing to people. Also, it has abundance of cubby storage throughout the cabin making it have one of the largest cabin space for hauling load and people.

Moreover, interior gets better the higher the model one buys. Materials included in High Country and Premier will mesmerize anybody. These two trims are the most sold units from Chevrolet Wilkesboro dealership.

What’s the best deal you can get?

For a vehicle of this caliber, one will have to spend a lot if an individual opts for its rivals. However, 2021 Chevrolet Traverse starts from $31,000 approximately. The High Country and Premier trims though costs $52,400 and $47,300 respectively; when compared with other competitors these seem quite reasonable especially when you are getting top-tier versions within a little over $50,000.

Now you know the specifications as well as price that you will need to pay to acquire one. It is high time that if you are planning to buy a SUV, take a test drive of Traverse and then decide about purchasing it.

Wayne Blanchard
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