Walmart oil change service and cost 

Walmart has become a massive multi-national retail service provider that hardly needs any description. The company has been operating since 1962. Presently, it operates in 27 countries and has over 11,000 outlets. Walmart is the biggest retailer, and it also keeps growing. 

To broaden its portfolio of facilities, it included auto care facilities for various types of vehicles. All such processes ensure that people can now have their vehicle analyzed by qualified technicians, as well as any issues identified can be easily fixed.

What are the various services offered by Walmart? 

The various services offered by Walmart are as follows:

  • The operation of installing or fixing tyres
  • Tire adjustment and rotations
  • Installation or maintenance of valve stem
  • Replacement of the lug nuts and bolts
  • Flat tyre servicing, lug nuts replacements, and tyre fitting are therefore available at affordable pricing.

Are you aware of the company’s oil replacement pricing?

Although Walmart does not offer the cheapest services in the market, the price that they charge is quite reasonable and can be afforded by most people. The various Walmart oil change cost is given below:

Oil replacement with Power & Performance service –

This package includes about 5 quarts of premium quality engine oil. In recent years, these types of synthetic oils are being extensively used for the latest automobile models. The cost of this service is $49.88.

Oil replacement with High Mileage service – 

This package also includes about 5 quarts of oil for engines and is partially synthetic. Just $39.88 is required to complete the transaction.

Oil replacement with the Standard service – 

This one is a regular oil change service offered by Walmart. The customer will receive 5 quarts of motor oil and other complimentary services which are also included in the above packages. Walmart offers complimentary battery checking, replacement of the old oil filter, tire checking. The cost of such a conventional oil replacement is only $29.88.

Oil replacement with Pit Crew service – 

The cost of such an oil replacement with the Pit Crew is $19.88 and it comprises 5 quarts of engine oil. The expert technician will also offer battery life checks, chassis lubrication, etc.

Wayne Blanchard
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