What Drives The Price Of Scrap Car In Singapore

Should you choose to scrap car in Singapore, how do you recognize if the rate you get is fair? You’ll wish to learn beforehand just how much you can obtain for scrapping a car in Singapore. The problem is that scrap automobile values are regional. It depends on the demand for scrap automobiles in your city and also district. Scrap yards are only thinking about the raw products your auto has, whether it’s the steel, aluminium, catalytic converters, or other important metals. They pay by weight.

Nailing down a specific value ahead of time isn’t what you ought to anticipate. Instead, figure out just how much your cars and truck weighs entirely, after that contact neighbourhood scrap yards to get their existing rate per pound on total autos.

Ditching a cars and truck for cash could leave you in surprise, understanding just how much cash for junk automobiles you could receive. There are several components in as well as beyond a car, each with its own value. Let’s leap in as well as discover more.

What model is your car?

The year/make/model are additionally essential because cars and truck products can change a great deal from year to year. Different products are currently a lot more typical, such as eco-friendly materials. Therefore, autos from particular years may include a lot less steel and light weight aluminium, which plays a big role in establishing the scrap worth of the vehicle– much more on this next.

A Lot Of Belongings Cars And Truck Components to Scrap

Scrapping a cars and truck for money can leave you in surprise, knowing how much cash for junk autos you could receive. There are several parts in as well as beyond an auto, each with its own value. Let’s dive in and discover more.


Automobile batteries are rather simple to market but aren’t that beneficial. Batteries are also environmentally unsafe otherwise recycled. Worth over $20 in scrap, it is ideal to be reused. Sell it off to the regional battery dealership or reuse it directly. With the aid of Epsom salt and pure water, you can include a few more years to motor life. Selling a functioning battery might get you a far better bargain at the agent contrasted to the perished ones.

Catalytic Converters

If your automobile is not older than 1975, it has a catalytic converter– utilized by automobiles to reduce the contamination produced by the vehicle. However, these catalytic converters are expensive. Made out of precious metals such as rhodium, palladium, and platinum which are found inside the earth’s surface area. Hence, recycling a catalytic converter can fetch you a good deal and is eco-friendly.

Metal elements

This element isn’t one that many routine car owners would think about, yet it in fact plays a big role in figuring out the going rate of a junk automobile. Also, cars and trucks that aren’t worth restoring can be turned into scrap metal. The typical automobile consists of approximately 2,400 extra pounds of steel as well as 300 pounds of aluminium, nevertheless, and all that metal can be marketed and recycled right into brand-new products.