Need to Hire a Mechanic or Visit an Auto Body Shop?

Right from the exterior surface to the upholstery inside the cabin, from the windshield wipers to the bumpers at both the ends, a car needs maintenance everywhere. So, when any of these parts of your car needs attention, you might be at a fix, whether to call an individual mechanic, or will it be better to visit an auto body shop. Our article here might help you arrive at the right decision henceforth.

The Common Areas

At our nearby Hayden Lake auto body shop, the owner took pleasure in explaining us why such situation arises, where one has to choose between an individual mechanic and an auto body shop.    He said, there are some common areas, that can be handled by both, since, even in an auto body shop, finally it will be an individual mechanic who will either supervise the work or engage himself in it. So, some car owners think that could be done at the premise of their home. But not all auto body servicing can be done outside the premise of the auto body shops, since many services require multiple machinery, heavy tools, and enough empty space to get things back to place.

These cannot be availed at the individual houses, and in such kind of service requirements, the owner needs to take his car to an auto body shop.

What a Mechanic Can Do?

If there is an issue with your car windows, like they are not rolling up, or the window glass got stuck, it can be fixed by an individual mechanic, single-handedly. If your windshield wipers are not working properly, or have worn out, and need a replacement, that too can be addressed by calling a mechanic at your home.  If there are small dents appearing on your car body surface, making it look ugly, it can also be pulled up by a lone mechanic, since all this will not require any heavy machinery or high end skillset. But if the dents are big, or your car has suffered from hail damage, it cannot be repaired at the premise of your house since it will involve a series of repair job that will involve too many people and lots of time.

Kinds of Services that a Mechanic Cannot Handle Alone

When your car faces trouble like frame damage, windshield chipping or bumper damage, it can be handled only at an auto body shop, since all this need specific heavy machinery and involves high-precision job, where a team of mechanics need to join hands. If you call a mechanic for such kind of services, all he can do is fix up a towing service for your car and take it there.

So, to know when to hire a private mechanic, and when to depend on an auto body shop, you need to consider the kind of damage that your car has faced, suggested the head of the workers who serve at the auto body shop in Hayden Lake.

Wayne Blanchard
the authorWayne Blanchard