Types of Baby Car Seats – Which One Is Good for Your Baby

Car seats are best for transporting the babies in a safe manner. Traveling with the babies might be a challenging experience. However, parents have to do it according to the best practices. What types of car seats will parents select depends on multiple factors such as weight, age, height and longevity. Parents need to see the Mothercare discount code at in order to invest in the best types. All you have to ensure is the selection of a best car seat. Make sure that you are choosing what favors a baby the most. Here are some general types of baby car seats.

Infant Car Seats:

 This is best for infants. This car seat can adjust a baby of 1 week to 2 years. In simple words, this car seat is favorable to transport the baby from hospital to home. Parents will need to change the seat once the age limit reaches. Replace the infant car seat with the bigger one in order to accommodate the babies in a safe and comfortable seat.

Convertible Car Seats:

In this time of sustainability and economic crisis, it is good to invest in a car seat that has more than two benefits. Normally, most parents don’t think about the convertible car seats in the early days especially if they have infant car seat. It is due to the fact that former comes with baby carrier feature. Invest in such baby seats with Mothercare discount code for long-term use and comfort.

3-in-1 Car Seats:

These are similar to the convertible car seats. These come in rear as well as front-facing feature. However, the only feature that makes it more prominent is the ability to work as a booster seat. Yes, it is a booster seat that comes with numerous advantages. It will work from the early days to the later. This seat is enough for long term utilization. Is your child old enough to wear the safety belts? It is time to remove the baby car seats from the car.

Booster Seat:

These seats are for the kids who can travel in the car with forward-facing position. What is the age of your baby? Buy this seat if s/he is around 40-50 lbs. Remember, there are several models of booster seats. Select the one which is favorable for your conditions. On the other hand, you must focus on the laws about infant car seats. These may vary from country to country or state to state. Select the right model that is acceptable in your state.


With the passage of time, awareness about the travel safety is increasing. Parents are more conscious about the safety of everyone while traveling in car. Baby car seats add plenty of comfort and ease for the family. However, it is good to buy the right type of seat with Mothercare discount code. Remember this valuable discount code and keep visiting for more information. This ensures that a baby remains in the safe hand while you are busy in traveling the car.

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