When is it the Right Time for You to Opt for Old Tyre Replacements?

There is no surety about the longevity of your car tyres. The mileage and its lifespan depend on a number and a combination of factors like the design, the climate, the driving habits, and the road conditions that are driven on. It also depends on the care that is put onto the tyres. It is always advised to perform detailed inspection checks on your tyres and keep a note of their conditions. There are a few instances, once spotted, that will call for replacement actions.

Checking the tread depths

The average tread depth of your car must be 1.6mm deep. Only then will this be considered safe and roadworthy for your journeys.

Tread bars

With constantly hitting the roads, there is a considerable amount of heat generated in the tyres. These lead to the tread lines wearing out with time. But there might be cases when that hasn’t reached the level where the tyres demand replacement. You can check the depth with the help of thread wear lines that comes with new tyres for providing added convenience to measure the depths. When the tyres are still in acceptable conditions, these thread lines do not get noticed easily. When they require replacements, the bars and indicators on the threads become more and more prominent.

Examining general conditions

Even if the tyres have not turned bald yet, there might be other signs indicating their low performance or question their longevity. There might be occurrences of cracks occurring from heavy loads, different weather conditions in which the car usually travels, damaged valve caps within the tyres, or the presence of rock debris or nails in the tyre treads. Most of these signs occur majorly because of the driving habits that the car has to go through.

Air pressure

This is important. This heavily affects the life of tyres. If there is too much air pumped in the tyres, there will be cases of more wear in the middle of the treads. Without enough air, the damage will occur on the outside edges.

Attention to sounds

There can be unusual vibrations in your tyres that indicate the occurrence of internal problems or bad tyre alignments. If the sounds persist on smooth and bump-free roads, you must ask a mobile mechanic to pay your car an inspection visit.

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